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What Kind of Church Are We?


By the grace of God we aim to be:-

A CHRIST CENTRED CHURCH  - where everything is focused around the person and  mission of Jesus Christ.

A BROAD CHURCH  - where membership is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and seek to follow and serve him as their Lord.

AN EVANGELICAL CHURCH  - where the theological emphasis is primarily on the need for personal salvation through faith in Jesus as Saviour and Lord, and that through him we enter into a personal and eternal relationship with God as our Heavenly Father.

A SCRIPTURAL CHURCH - where we remain open to the truths of scripture, continually seeking to apply it to our lives, and all practice is derived from biblical truth and wisdom.

A SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH - where the work of the Holy Spirit is welcomed and encouraged.

A FREE CHURCH - where no-one is forced or coerced into belief, practice or action against their conscience, but everyone is encouraged to explore God’s inexhaustible riches in Christ.

AN INNOVATIVE CHURCH - where structures remain flexible in order to serve function.

AN EXPERIMENTAL CHURCH - where individuals are encouraged to develop gifts and ministries in an atmosphere in which it is safe to take risks.

AN OUTWARD LOOKING CHURCH - where there is a willingness to change and experiment (e.g. in evangelism and public worship) in order to reach the unchurched.

AN INCLUSIVE CHURCH - where all believers irrespective of age, race, gender or culture are valued, and their gifts and abilities employed to build up the church.

A SERVING CHURCH - where the common resources of plant, equipment and personnel are available to the local and wider Christian community, especially smaller churches, and to the non-Christian community as means of furthering the work of Christ’ s Kingdom.

A DISCIPLINED CHURCH - where mutual accountability and personal responsibility is practised, and all members work together with the leadership to implement decisions jointly agreed.

A CARING CHURCH - where all are concerned for each other’s spiritual growth and personal welfare.

A PRAYING CHURCH - where prayer is integral to all that takes place both individually and collectively.

A GROWING CHURCH - where year by year every member manifests more of the character of Christ and the numerical size of the church increases.

A MOBILISED CHURCH - where all resources, material and human, are cared for as belonging to God himself, and employed effectively and administered efficiently for his kingdom purposes.

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