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Our Logo 

What does our logo signify? A logo is something that gains meaning and associations with use. However, there are key aspects of this new image which are resonant of who we are and what we believe.

The heart represents something that is warm and living as the church as community. It also represents love – both God’s love to us and our love to each other and those around – all this based on Jesus commands.

This is expressed in the cross raised up as the ultimate symbol of God’s love and from which we draw our common life. This life flows from the cross.

The cross is deliberately small showing the humility of Jesus.

As such it also means that the closer we get the more the work of Jesus becomes apparent. This is reflected in the community of the church, where the closer one gets to it the more the life of Jesus is displayed.

The largeness of the heart indicates the inclusiveness of the love flowing from the cross.

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